Notice Board 001: Updates & Information



I plan to share updates and information about ittavern on a monthly basis.

Updates about: articles, services, notes, bookmarks, code, etc.

In addition, I am going to address feedback I receive via mail or the upcoming comment function. Feel free to contact me via mail: hellofoo@ittafoovern.comcom

It will be the same content as the newsletter and will keep the RSS reader up-to-date.


From now on I will be using Hugo as the static page generator for this blog. The expectation is to increase performance and make it easier to automate certain processes.

Also, I’ve deleted the social media accounts. I’m not saying I won’t return, and I may share my reasons in a separate article, but for now I don’t want anything to do with any social media platform.


Service overview

Coming soon™

Haven’t posted anything in a while, but I’ve been working in the background - the switch to Hugo and I already have a few articles in the pipeline.

Things I’ll be adding in the near future:

For now, that is all. Thank you!