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Services are provided for free, and are either usable for anyone or invite-only. I use those services myself and I think it is a great way to support the project by hosting an instance.

Privacy is important. I don't share or sell any information.

Status Page is available via is short for 'barrel network' and the main and only domain I am going to host my services on.


Not really a service, but maybe worth mentioning. List of services below.

Link Description
Wallpapers I've created a bunch of wallapers for various projects and I plan to add more. Suggestions are welcome.
Notes Summary of short form content generates QR codes from URL query parameters. For demo click on name temporary changelog tool; stores data in local storage of your browser Filter generator for FortiAnalyzer

Public Services # - Send

Sending files encrypted (up to 2,5GB)


Links: Source Code

Max upload size limited to 2.5GB
Data detention time 48 hours
Storage at B2 Backblaze # - PrivateBin

secure sharing of passwords, code, snippets and files up to 30MB for a limited time


Links: Source Code # - ntfy

Open push notifcation platform for your devices


Links: Official Homepage Source Code # - CyberChef

‘The Cyber Swiss Army Knife’


Links: Source Code # - librespeed

Network speedtest


Links: Source Code # - whitebophir

Simple whiteboard for real-time collaboration


Links: Source Code # -

File encryption in browser


Links: Source Code

Invite-Only # - vaultwarden

Password storage


Links: Source Code # - FreshRSS

RSS Reader


Links: Source Code # - Croc

This will be a relay for croc the CLI only P2P data transfer tool.


Links Source Code Donate to Project/Author Blog Post Author Installation Client Usage Client

Plans - I'll test it for a while and keep it invite-only! - The reason: I need to gather more information and see how resource hungry it is to A: see if the server can handle it and B: if it affects the other services on the server.


Sending croc --pass a-password --relay "" send big-file

Receiving croc --pass a-password --relay "" 3834-fragile-answer-canvas

Use it once with --remember option and croc will save it in its config file as sender ~/.config/croc/send.json and receiver ~/.config/croc/receive.json. After that, it can be used without all custom options.

croc send big-file to send > croc 2323-[...] to receive.

E-Mail hellofoo@ittafoovern.comcom