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Tmux - synchronize the input of all panes within a window

So, you've got a tmux window with 10 panes, and you want to clear the panes, switch to a different directory, stop multiple process, and so on. There is a simple way to do it:

Prefix + :set synchronize-panes on

Just in case: the default prefix is CTRL + b.

The input of all panes within a window will be synchronized until you turn it off again:

Prefix + :set synchronize-panes off

Create keybinding

If you need this function often, you could create a simple keybind for it. For examples, if you want to add it to Prefix + e, add this to your config file:

bind e set-window-option synchronize-panes

Load this config with Prefix + :source-file ~/.tmux.conf (or wherever your config file is located) and you can turn pane synchronization on and off with Prefix + e.

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