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PLEASE NOTE: I am in the process of making my notes public. This docs section is still work in progress. It currently is a summary of random tips for various things.
Found a mistake? Want to add something? Feel free to open an issue, send a pull request or an e-mail.

General info:
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Usefull links:
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How to exit VIM

:q # Quit :q! # Quit and discard changes

w # Save :x # Save & Exit ZZ # Save & Exit :wq # Save & Exit

Config files

~/.vimrc - for current user
/etc/vim/vimrc - All users
$HOME/_vimrc - current user
$HOME/.vimrc - current user
/usr/share/vim/.vimrc - All users

Note: system wide config file will be ignored, if you have one in your $HOME directory.

Find out, what config file you are currently using:
Comment for the .vimrc file can be added with ":
e.x. "that is a comment for the .vimcr file.

Undo/ Redo

u - undo

ctrl + r - redo

Navigation/ Movement

Move cursor within screen

Move within the screen:
H to the top of the screen
M to the middle of the screen
L to the bottom of the screen
Jump to the next character with f and previous character with F:
fd # jump to the next d
f% # jump to the next %
F% # jump to the previous %

Move screen around

Ctrl + b # Move up a full screen Ctrl + u # Move up a half a screen Ctrl + f # Move down a full screen Ctrl + d # Move down a half a screen

Split screen

Vertical split:
ctrl + w, then v
:vs /dir/file
Horizontal split:
ctrl + w, then s
:sp /dir/file
Opens file manager:
Navigate to another screen:
ctrl + w, then h,j,k or l


Searching without regard to the case (uppercase or lowercase):
:set ignorecase # for this session or add to config file
/\c<pineapple> # ignore case a single time
/pineapple # Searching forward
?pineapple # Searching backwords
Jumping to the next result:
n #jumps to the next result
N #jumps to the previous result
Highlighing the current work under the cursor:
* # Searching forward
# # Searching backwards
Remove highlights:

Changing/ Deleting content

The following commands in this section also work with y and c

Delete content between certain chars:
diB # between brackets
and so on
Delete content between HTML tags:
dit # inner HTML tag
dat # with other HTML tag


Insert output of commands into vim, e.x.::
:r!ip -br a
Execute command within vim:
:! ping
Change type of the file temporary:
:set ft=py # e.x. switch .md syntax highlighting to .py
Inser content from another file to cursor position:
:r /dir/file # Using it for snippets and templates
Use auto completion in insert mode. Useful for variables and long words:
C-n or C-p (in front or after the cursor)
Whole-line auto completion (inser mode)
C-x + C-l (+C-l) to jump to next enrty
Auto completion for file path on your system (insert mode):
C-x + C-f
Execute normal commands without leaving the insert mode:

Marks and jumps

Set mark for key a:
m + a
Jump to mark a:
` + a
Show all marks:
Clear all marks:
delm! | delm A-Z0-9:

Visual mode

Select whole line:
Shift + v
Re-select previous selection:
g + v

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