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PLEASE NOTE: I am in the process of making my notes public. This docs section is still work in progress. It currently is a summary of random tips for various things.
Found a mistake? Want to add something? Feel free to open an issue, send a pull request or an e-mail.

General info:
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Usefull links:


Basic syntax:
grep [option...] [patterns] [file...]

Search for special characters

Use \ or -- to search special chars:
grep "\-c" /dir/file
grep -- -c /dir/file

Search multiple terms

OR-method - show result if 1 term is found:
grep -E "pineapple|pizza" file.txt
grep -e pineapple -e pizza file.txt
grep 'pineapple\|pizza' file.txt
AND-method - show result when all terms are in one line:
grep 'pizza' file.text | grep 'pineapple'
grep -E 'pizza.*pineapple' file.text (In order)
grep -E 'pizza.*pineapple|pineaple.*pizza' file.text

Show additional lines

Show addtional lines above and below matching line:
-A 1 - Show x lines above
-B 1 - Show x lines below
-C 1 - Show x lines above and below

Random examples

Look for open port on your system:
ss -lpn | grep :22
Look for foo in directory (My default search for docs):
grep -Iirsn --color foo /random/dir/
-I - ignore binary files
-i - ignore case distinction
-r - recursive search
-s - suppress error messages about nonexistent or unreadable files
-n - line that includes the search term

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