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PLEASE NOTE: I am in the process of making my notes public. This docs section is still work in progress. It currently is a summary of random tips for various things.
Found a mistake? Want to add something? Feel free to open an issue, send a pull request or an e-mail.

General info:
Source code
Usefull links:
Blog posts

Awesome Gitea

gitea embedded extract --destination ... ... gitea embedded list

Customize Gitea

Useful Linls:
Customize gitea
Config Cheat sheet
Template overview
Embedded data extraction tool

Templates and static files can be extracted to the /custom/ folder. The path of said directory can be found in the admin panel of your Gitea installation.

Don't forget to restart Gitea after your changes!

Example with information panel above the header
gitea embedded extract --destination $GITEA_CUSTOM templates/base/head.tmpl

Next: add div element with embedded css code (I am lazy) and restart Gitea.

You can find templates via Gitea repo or:
gitea embedded list

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